Create your own brand

When you work with one of our consultants they can help you to design and create your own brand which will be unique to you and your business.

Having your own individual brand will help your website and its design to stand out from the crowd and will ensure your client base that they are dealing with professionals.

Website Design

Our consultants are all professionally trained in website design. They will be able to offer you a tailored learning experience as well as inside tips and tricks on the latest developments in website design. You will be able to use the skills they teach you towards your work and career moving forwards.

The website design process

  • 1.Goal identification

    This is where you determine what goals the new website needs to fulfil and what its overall purpose will be.

  • 2.Sitemap and wireframe creation

    The sitemap shows how all the pages of the website will interact with each other as well as defining how to content and features will interrelate.

  • 3.Visual elements

    The visual elements will show how the eventual website will look and feel as well as incorporating the new branding into the design.


Working with one of our consultants costs ₦12958 per hour.

Customers are only charged for the time that they use. If you would like to get in touch about working with one of our consultants then they will be able to advise an approximate timeframe for your individual needs. Please use the contact information on our contact page.


Interested in discussing a project?

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